CFC Instruction

Strong research & development team
Our Products sell all over the world.

After 60 years of growth, now we have become the one of largest forging press manufacturer.

CFC group was founded in CHANGHUA, TAI WAN by JI JIN BIAO in 1948. After more than half a century of efforts, we have become the largest manufacturer of forging press in TAI WAN. And our products sell all over the world, such as British, the United States, Japan, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. We are the one of the few manufacturers who export Taiwan`s machinery products to Japan. And the main customers include every mainstream of automobile plant, such as FORD, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, etc. The quality, precision and durability all get the acceptance by customers. Our company has gotten the international quality certification of ISO9001 of British YARSLEY in 1994.

CFC group invested to establish CHINFONG (CHINA) MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD in NINGBO, ZHEJIANG province in 1994 as a professional manufacturer of forging press. The area is 87582 square meters, the registered capital is $13.2 million and the total investments are 50 million dollars.

Innovation+ Service + Commitment= Business Philosophy

For customer service, CFC still adhere to the attitude of partnership to carry out the business philosophy of innovation (innovation and change), service (customer go first) and Commitment (benefit feedback).

CFC motto: the enterprise is only a public medium of society, making profit is just a process to reach the enterpriser’s ideal. Wherein, by using the company as a life education place and pooling anyone who want to join Chin Fong whatever their character and ability is, provide them the necessary training to achieve their potential and benefit the public and the country. Our members should constantly and perpetually service the customers and all the suppliers and provide Chin Fong the opportunity to develop continuously, the shareholders the appropriate return and the employee the higher quality of life.

It is the long-term vision of Chin Fong to become the leading provider and final word on metal forming technologies for the world. This goal will be realized eventually through our relentless efforts in partnering with clients globally.