CFC Automobile Pressing Production Line:

Pressing machinery has become an important part of manufacturing development, which is also closely related to the development of automobile industry.
The four automobile manufacturing processes are stamping, welding and painting in the whole production, and the sheet metal stamping parts accounting for over
40% in the area of automobile parts, which shows the important position in automobile industry;Sheet metal stamping is roughly can be divided into body covering parts,
body structure parts and the small and medium-sized stamping parts.The body covering parts and structure parts have the function of keeping the body shape.
Such as the doors, roof cover, surrounding side, the engine and trunk lid, etc., which are the main parts of sheet metal stamping.The most important equipment of stamping process is the production line of manufacturing body covering parts.And the biggest energy show of stamping technology are production equipment planning,integration of online control and hardware related technologies .

From the start of CFC company undertake Toyota automobile Stamping production line in 1986,we have the planning of dozens of large automatic stamping production line from many famous automobile factory.Currently, we have the manufacturing capacity of 72000KN high-speed stamping production line after the technical
communication, summary and innovation research and development,as well as the experience accumulated for many years.our customers are the famous automobile factory of Toyota, ford, Honda, Mazda, nissan motor, and our quality also obtains the high affirmation of the manufacturers.

The general equipment planning of tandem stamping production line: the first project is stretch processing, then is trimming,punching,etc.Such as Mexico Mercedes - the stamping equipment of Japan production line arranged for 2400 tons, 1200 tons, 1200 tons, 1200 tons, 1200 tons. CFC adopted the mode of continous stamping production to improve the quality and get the highest production efficiency in the industry under the condition of the first press was equipped with servo die cushion.We used the connecting rod mechanism as the stamping transmission system and used the special movement curve design of making the material forming process slowly close to the machined parts ,getting more stable forming speed,longer contact time and faster return speed of non-operational areas, so that the material forming process could keep constant extension features and the production efficiency increased up to 30%-40% than the ordinary intermittent production line. This planning is the most advanced application. The production capacity of CFC company can reach up to 16-18SPM per minutes with the surrounding equipment system.

Except for the stamping equipment, the main equipments of automobile stamping production line are the device of puting the material into the stack and stripping,
Centering Unit which is used to make sure the material position,Washing Unit,Moving Bolster of the material,Moving Bolster of the die,Mechanical arm (Robot)of material handling, Mechanical and Electrical Integration Unit of connecting all the machinery,etc. the applied technologies include the manufacturing of the stamping equipment,automatic on-line,mechanical control,platform inspection and remote monitor,etc. The automatic integration mode contains stack control, stripping control,positioning control,cleaning control, feeding control, knock-out control, automatic die change control,automatic clamping control,etc. CFC has a rich experience in hardware and software integration technology for many years.

The use of automobile products tend to the development and application of lightweight,light alloy and high tension steel,which is increasing day by day and irreversible in order to meet the trend of the automobile industry cooperate with the green environmental protection.It is not easy to stamping these materials by current stamping equipment and manufacturing technology.Now CFC company actively bring in new and big servo press, do related research and develop servo press production line to improve the stamping process and meet the trend of market demand and process technology.