China, as a major producer of household appliances in the world, is still expanding its production scale, which increases the demand for raw materials in the household appliance industry.Market survey shows that the processing of a large number of metal parts used in the domestic appliances has a great demand for Press and Molds. At the same time, a large number of plates and sheets used in household appliances have special requirements, which are large quantity and high speed. All kinds of presses are the one of the important processing presses in household appliances industry.


CFC has a good reputation and a high market share in the LCD industry, and its main customers are LITONG,AOJIE,HAOSHUN, and also including Skyworth,Hisense of the end users of backboard,etc. Almost all the models used in the LCD industry are GTX.

CFC also plays an important role in the Washing Machine Industry,such as domestic Haier, Midea,Hisense,etc.All of them adopt the manufacture of cover and box bodies by combining the automatic and professional production line.

In addition to the the Refrigerator, Washing Machine and LCD Panel industries,CFC also has the users in the household appliance, which forms a perfect customer group and occupies a place in the household appliances industry,

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