In the year of 2001, CFC participated in the mechanical arms production of the 110 TON x 6sets in the first domestic TFT industy, which was the earliest automatic production system in the industry. Now the first-grade production factories all contract with CFC, such as DAYUN (au optronics), ZHOUQIAO, QILING, JIAZHANG, ZHOUJU, ZHENXUAN and also the second or third-grade factories.
Total sales performance are 1450sets during the period of 2001 to 2005. We are the one of the 15 major customers in the industry with market share for 75-80%.

Our quality has obtained the unanimous recognition of TFT customers:

We have the equipment planning and manufacturing experience of TFT production line for many years:

To meet the high capacity requirement of TV,Monitor of TFT, CFC paticipated in the planning and helping customers to introduce more online press,single engineering,continues die,blanking rivet machine and laser welding, which are different from the production pattern of the traditional industries.So that we can use the peripheral equipment of quick transfer in accord with accumulated SOP standard operation processes of TFT industry equipment to combine the press,mechanical arm with the die with high efficiency, high production and high quality. Finally ,we can meet the requirement of customers,produce high quality products and greatly improve the capacity.
The advantages of multiple online automatic press line with mechanical arm: improve the efficiency,save the manpower and reduce the rate of failure.

From 2004 to 2017, CFC sales achievements of main TFT panel:

GTX-400 Press 8sets

CFC has a rich experience in helping customers to plan the press type and quantity for different panel size.
Specification table for multiple presses:

GTX-400 Press 8sets
TFT Press - Production requirement:

1. To avoid manual handling.
2. To keep increasing production
3. To keep stable quality.

4. A wide range of sheet matal stamping dimensions(42-75 ")
5. To improve the utilization rate of plates

TFT-LCD Frame Press(G2 Multi-online )
TFT-LCD Frame/Backboard Press(GTX/OCP/SC1 Multi-online)
TFT-LCD Backboard Press(GTX Multi-online)

Assist customers to select suitable Press by calculated the processing power of back plate(42"):