Main components of bicycle:


 It consists of frame, tire, foot pedal, brake, chain and other 25 components and the essential parts are indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, which bears the largest weight of people and goods. According to the working characteristics of each component, it can be roughly divided into guide system, drive system and brake system:



1.Guide system: it consists of handlebars, forklifts, front shafts, front wheels, etc.Riders can change direction and keep balance by manipulating handlebars.

2.Drive (drive or walk) system: It consists of pedal, spindle, sprocket, crank, chain, flywheel, rear axle, rear wheel, etc.The pedaling force of the person's feet is driven by the pedal drives through the crank, sprocket, chain, flywheel, rear axle and other parts to keep continuous moving forward.

3. Braking system: it consists of brake parts. Riders can control the brake at any time when slow down and stop to ensure the safety.In addition, it`s also equipped with the car lamp, bracket and other parts at the practical point of view in order to be safe and beautiful.


Composition of bicycle


Name of each parts of the bicycle


Forging application in bicycle


Main pressing &forging process and suitable models of bicycle


Main forging process and suitable models of bicycle


Main forging plate process and suitable models of bicycle