CFC Development of Forging Equipment with High Precision and Long Stroke

The development of the key products during the course of China's 12th "Five-Year Plan" contains rail transit, aviation, automobile, electronics and shipbuilding equipment. According to the China association of automobile manufacturers,China sold 18.06 million of new cars in 2010, which was far more than the United States with sales of 11.6 million. The association predicts the sales of new car will reach 40 million in China by the year of 2020.If the Chinese automobile market is estimated to increase by 2 million per year, then the annual increase in forging production will be between 100,000 and 150,000 tons;According to the estimate of the annual increase of more than 1 million in vehicles carrying cargo, the forging production output will increase 760,000 to 900,000 tons.It means the increase output of China`s automobile market is more than 3 million, and the annual output of forging is up to 900,000 to 1 million tons. Therefore,the output of forging in China was estimated to be over 5 million tons in 2011.According to the trend of booming Chinese automobile market,efficient forging processing technology and high precision, CFC developped the Cold Forging Press with big capacity and long stroke to match with the processing technology development of the Precision Forging with long shaft.

KL Series- The features of Cold Forging Press with long stroke

KL Series are mainly developed and applied to the Cold Close Die Forging of long shafts with high rigidity and precision,the main specifications are as below:

  1. Deformed Knuckle structure provides with long stroke and good slide movement curve.The Deformed Knuckle structure of KL series breaks the limitation of Traditional Knuckle Structure,which expands the range of machinable parts and with longer stroke; In addition,we can design with different slide movement curves to meet the customers`requirement according to the processing product types.
  2. High rigidity,strength and reliable frame: These are the one of the important conditions of Cold Precision Forging Press. The frame uses the super thick steel plate in welding, and can resist the load with the rib locking device at the time of forging; The rigidity of the crown is designed for more than 1/9000;The rigidity of the bed is designed for more than 1/12000 with one-piece casting steel which can bear the vibration at the time of forging and make more stable machine and product quality.
  3. Slide with High rigidity:The slide structure of KL series is designed with the rigidity of more than 1/9000, which is suitable for Cold Precision Forging Press.
    The design of 2-point load can bear larger eccentric load, which also has the advantages of higer production when equipped with Automatic Transfer Equipment.
  4. Lower knock-out structure of connecting rod type:This structure replaces the conventional CAM plate,which can reduce the friction and be more reliable and durable. The knock-out structure is directly connected with the main driving shaft,which can be more stable and suitable for the higher speed production.
  5. 8 surface guides with high precision and rigidity:The special 8 surface guides control the guide clearance by wedge adjusting structure; The extrusion stress between the frame and slide caused by the forging load can be released from one side in order to maintain the parallelism between the slide and bolster.
  6. High Rated tonnage point and long stroke: The rated tonnage point of the general forging press is about 8-9mm, while this series of press reaches 25mm. The stroke length of the general forging press is about 300-400mm, while this series of press reaches 600mm, and which also can expand to 800mm according to the customer`s special requirement. Therefore,these special designs increase the forging parts of long shafts which cannot be done in the past, and also improve the cold forging technology.

KL Series-- the efficiency and application of Cold Forging Press with long stroke

The advantages of precision die forging are saving the energy and material, reducing the scrap and protecting the environment,better quality and higher efficiency,etc.
The countries` developing trend of the forging industry in the future: the compound forging technology between the hot,warm,cold precision press can obtain larger weight, more complex shape and higher precision in dimension. KL series is a breakthrough in the technology of Cold Precision Forging Press,and the benefits are explained as follows:

  1. High precision: High rigidity and strength of the equipment restrain and absorb the impact force;The adjusting structure of slide guide can release the extrusion stress to maintain the precision of the machine and ensure the high precision of the forging.
  2. Long stroke: Long stroke and high rated tonnage point can process the extruded and formed operation of long shafts which cannot be done in the past.
  3. High automatic efficiency: Double point load makes a larger die space.And the processing plan of multitask works with automatic feeding equipment can reach 20-30spm per minutes, which improves the demand of previous devices,production efficiency and streamlines the production.
  4. Lower equipment cost:Currently, only Europe and Japan have developed this equipment successfully,but CFC KL Series can meet the functional requirements of the same products. and we can save 1/3 costs of the same products, which can reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the competitiveness of the industry.
  5. High knock-out force and delay: the max.allowance of the lower knock-out is 100tons, and the upper one is 30tons.It can be found that the knock-out time appears on the angle degree of 240 through the knock-out movement curve.

KL series--the application of Cold Forging Press with long stroke


The demand for forging is increasing year by year with the rapid development of automobile market in China; and the developing trend towards to lightweight,precision,complexity and efficient automation.This press has the automatic production equipment of precision forging and multitask,so the forging products can conform to the feature of saving the energy and material,and this process has shortened the production cycle,reduced the manufacuring cost, made the metal flow along the parts shape to get reasonable distribution,made the products for better organization and performance,lightened the products and improved the quality and safety. This forging equipment is only produced in Germany and Japan,and CFC is the third manufacturer in the world.We are the only one who can design and manufacture this press in the southeast Asia and China mainland, and the product costs can reduce 1/3 than the same product made in Germany, which can greatly reduce the purchase cost and improve the business competitiveness.

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