Press Summary

The principle of the press is to convert circular motion into linear motion.
Press and IOT, that is to determine the processing quantity by the number of stamping times.

Press and IOT

In other words, it is the IOT of the mechanical processing equipment, which transfers various real-time data of mechanical equipment into the network to realize the data exchange. It can deal with and determine various kinds of data in the processing, and give instructions for abnormal information, and also fix various problems in the processing. The Press and IOT can solve the problems that cannot be known before, during or after events accurately and timely.

Development History

In 2013, CFC further cooperated with Siemens and introduced German Industry 4.0 technology to connect the press with the network. CFC has broken through many key technologies of Press and IOT, and applied many patents. It is recognized by all sectors of government and business. Moreover, CFC has cooperated with the customers of many large manufacturing enterprises to implement the IOT, and adopted the manufacturing execution system (MES) to connect the machines with network. CFC also has cooperated with the well-know robot manufacturers to achieve the target of unmanned operation by accurately controlling the machine with the company`s big data.