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C-Frame, Single Crank Servo Press : OCPS Series

C-Frame, Single Crank Servo Press

The press integrated conventional link drive presses and CNC servo drive system,was designed with high rigidity structure and high precision slide guide matched with six surface guide, which broke through the limitation of a single press curve of the conventional link drive presses, and also improved the precision and quality of the processing products. CNC servo drive system could reach this kind of effects, such as: Inching formation of processing area; to quickly pass through of non- processing area; to take care of work pieces formation and production rate at the same time; to change the processing curve speed; to expand the process range. The press is multi-purpose press machine which is suitable for various press processing.

Tonnage80 TON110 TON160 TON200 TON260 TON
Rated Tonnage Point
Stroke length
Max.die height
Sroke per minute
Slide adjustment
Slide area
560 ×460 650 ×520 700 ×580 850 ×650 920 ×700
Bolster area
1000 ×6001150 ×6801250 ×7601400 ×8201550 ×840
Max. upper die weight
OCPS SeriesSeriesProduct feature
  • Super rigidity frame
  • PLC pressure curve
  • High precison six surface guide
  • Overload protector
  • Handy quick die change system(QDC)
  • Single crank driving structure
  • C-Frame
  • Safety management system
  • Intelligentialize
OCPS SeriesApplication field



   Business machine

   Kitchen ware

   Home appliance