Straight Side, 2 Point, Eccentric Gear Press : Tandem Metal Plate Press line
Straight Side, 2 Point, Eccentric Gear Press : S2 Series

Straight Side, 2 Point, Eccentric Gear Press

Small and medium-sized automatic production lines are widely used in some important accessory factories, and mainly produce the automobile structural parts, chassis parts and so on. S2 series are mainly for the stamping and forming of medium thickness plate. Under the background of intelligent manufacturing, many companies take the intelligent and automatic manufacture as the standard. A mature hardware will support a new type of production management, and S2 series can fully meet the final requirements of the end users after escalating.

Technical ParametersS2-400S2-500S2-600S2-800S2-1000S2-1200
Drive Method
Eccentric Gear TypeEccentric Gear TypeEccentric Gear TypeEccentric Gear TypeEccentric Gear TypeEccentric Gear Type
Rated Tonnage Pointmm131313131313
Stroke Lengthmm500/700500/700500/700600/800600/900600/900
Stroke Per Minute
Max.Upper Die Heightmm8008001000100012001200
Upper Die Height Adjustmentmm400400500500600600
Bolster Dimension(LR*FB)mm3600*18003600*18003600*18004000*18004000*18004000*1800
Slide Bottom Dimension(LR*FB)mm3600*18003600*18003600*18004000*18004000*18004000*1800
CushionTypeAir Pressure TypeAir Pressure TypeAir Pressure TypeAir Pressure TypeAir Pressure TypeAir Pressure Type
Cushion CapacityTon100120120150200250
Stroke Lengthmm0-2000-2000-2500-2500-2500-250
Moving Bolster(MB)Moving MethodFR/LR/T-TypeFR/LR/T-TypeFR/LR/T-TypeFR/LR/T-TypeFR/LR/T-TypeFR/LR/T-Type
Load BearingTon202025303035
Moving Speedmm/min1.5~121.5~121.5~121.5~121.5~121.5~12
Working Capacity(at14spm)Kj107-90153-115188-160260-216
Main Motor Power
 Height Above FloormmApprox.6872Approx.7100Approx.7600Approx.8350Approx.9400Approx.10200
Note: The technical parameters in this table are CFC basic parameters . Users can make appropriate modifications or other choices according to the specific process requirements.

S2 SeriesSeriesProduct feature
  • 4 or 5 online for the whole line
  • Max. Production S.P.M.: 15-18pcs/min /min
  • Double moving bolster, ADC time within 90-180seconds
  • The first press is equipped with air cushion
  • The whole line is closed and fully automatic
  • Production mode: intermittent or continuous
  • Intellectualization
  • S2 SeriesApplication field