Straight Side, 2-Point, High Speed Press : High Speed Precision Press
Straight Side, 2-Point, High Speed Press : HSD Series

Straight Side, 2-Point, High Speed Press

HSD series is high speed double crank presses designed especially for the manufacture of laminated rotors and stators of electric motors. The press Frame, crown, uprights and bed are made of high quality cast iron. The frame is hydraulically pre-stressed by tie rods and nuts to ensure superior rigidity during high precision progressive blanking.

Rated Tonnage Point-mm3.
Stroke Length-mm3030303030
Stroke Per Minute-S.P.M.200-550200-550200-500150-350100-300
Max.Die Height-mm340360380400420
Slide Adjustment-mm5050506070
Main Motor-HPVS 20VS 30VS 40VS 50VS 60
HSD SeriesSeriesProduct feature
  • A standard feature of pneumatically-operated DYNAMIC BALANCING DEVICE is employed to counterbalance eccentric thrust generated from crankshaft rotation and slide movement. This may ensure better precision lamination and longer service life of high quality tools can therefore be secured because of substantial reduction of press frame vibration.
  • Hydraulic STICK RELEASE DEVICE is offered as another standard system to solve the tool-jam (stick) problem within seconds.
  • A ground high quality alloy steel crankshaft has two wide con-rods closely supported by four main frame bronze bearings. The two con-rods allow the use of long tools with different operating stations and allow for off-center loading.
  • The plunger guide design eliminates the change in guide clearances between the plunger and guide sleeve caused by the different expansion rates of the crown and slide in horizontal plane. The proper connecting rod plunger clearance is maintained thus increasing resistance from front & to back loads created by the rotation of the eccentric shaft.
  • High precision eight-way bearing guides, free from backlash with permanently incorporated roller circulating elements guide the slide accurately across the whole stroke.
  • Hydraulic SLIDE ADJUSTMENT LOCKING DEVICE is employed as standard to eliminate clearances inside the slide adjustment drive system on a regular basis to guarantee the consistence of slide bottom dead center.
  • High speed, high precision, change gear type, cam indexing roller feed is provided for a wide ranges of feed pitch.
  • Fully stress-relieved MIHANITE cast iron frame under hydraulically pre-stressed the rod construction ensures high speed laminating precision and rigidity.
  • A neoprene resilient cushion designed to provide the best combination of isolation effectiveness and machine stability. The cushions are designed and compounded to have a long effective life and to be resistant to oils and lubricants. (Optional accessory).
HSD SeriesApplication field
  • Stator and Rotor
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Others